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Frequently asked questions

How can you track my order?

When your order is shipped from our warehouses, you will receive a confirmation email along with the estimated delivery date. In that same email you will receive a tracking link from the logistics company in charge of your order so that you can follow it at all times.
If the company is Zeleris, through that same link, in the "Contact" section and with the reference of your shipment, you can agree to delivery with them, change the address, etc:


If your company is Mail Boxes, you can see the status of your shipment through this link:


You can also check their status in the "My orders" section of your user account.

It is important that you check this link regularly as the courier will update it with all the information about the order.

Couriers do not contact by phone to notify before delivery.

Please note that it may take a few days for the link to display information

If your order goes through customs, Morris York is not responsible for any additional costs that this entails.

How long does it take for my package to arrive?

The average delivery time is from the moment of payment and in working days.

If your order goes through customs, we are not responsible for the additional costs that this entails.

Spain and Portugal

24-48 hours


48-72 hours

Europe no priority

3-8 days

Outside Europe

3-4 business days

How much do watches, straps and jewellery measure?


  • DENVER-TOKIO: 18mm (ball beads), 11mm (bolt)
  • COCONUT and BERETA: 18mm (dial), 11 (pin), 7mm (thick)
  • ONIX XL and RIO XL: 40mm (dial), 11mm (bolt)
  • ONIX M and RIO M: 20mm (dial), 11mm (bolt)
  • ONIX S and RIO S: 12mm (sphere), 11mm (bolt)
  • VANCOUVER and NAZARE: 35mm x 20mm (cross), 10mm (dial), 11mm (bolt)
  • BRISTOL and Elder: 35mm (large sphere), 12mm (small sphere), 11mm (bolt)
  • MIRELIN and MASLSON: 20mm (dial), 18x5mm (pendant), 11mm (bolt)
  • CAMILA and LIA: 10mm (dial), 20mm (pendant), 11mm (bolt)
  • PAULINA and RITHM: 50mm (dial), 18x11mm (hexagon), 11mm (bolt)
  • PEACH: 28mm (sphere), 15mm (width), 11mm (bolt)


  • ROYALE and MONACO: adjustable 410mm to 470mm (chain), 8x5mm (pendant)
  • LOCKTER and TEXAS: adjustable 380mm to 410mm (chain), 10x5mm (pendant)
  • MOONLIGHT and PEARL: adjustable 410mm to 470mm (chain), 20mm (pendant)
  • HARVARD and EARTH: adjustable 400mm to 450mm (chain), 20mm (pendant)
  • JAPAN and THOR: adjustable 400mm to 460mm (chain), 25mm (pendant)
  • TRIVIAL and MAUI: adjustable 400mm to 450mm (chain), 23mm (pendant)
  • OHIO and LOURDES: adjustable 400mm to 440mm (chain), 20x10mm (pendant)
  • DURCEL and NIWA: adjustable 390mm to 420mm (smooth chain), to 420mm to 460mm (beads pendant)


  • MARTINS and BRAVUT: adjustable 130mm to 175mm (length), 10mm (sphere)
  • BRABUS and ZETRO: adjustable 155mm to 180mm (length), 12mm (sphere)
  • NEXO and TOURE: 65mm x 40mm (sphere), 10mm (width)
  • RIDEL and VIRGO: adjustable 160mm to 190mm (chain)
  • FRANKLIN and TRIGON: 60mm (sphere), 8mm (hexagon)
  • FUMIX and TRIOT: 60mm x 50mm (sphere), 10mm (width)
  • PATRIOT and NASCAR: 60mm x 50mm (sphere), 8mm (hexagon)


  • MESH: 38mm (diameter), 230mm (strap length), 15mm (strap width)
  • PETITE: 32mm (diameter), 230mm (strap length), 15mm (strap width)
  • SQUARE: 28mm x 28mm, 225mm (strap length), 15mm (strap width)
  • LEATHER: 38mm (diameter), 240mm (strap length), 15mm (strap width)
  • KRIBI & SKULL: 35mm (diameter), 210mm (strap length), 19mm (strap width)
  • NYLON: 38mm (diameter), 235mm (strap length), 19mm (strap width)

How can I take care of my watches and jewellery?


It is advisable to periodically clean the jewels, in order to remove the dust and grease that can be produced with their use and storage. To clean the jewellery, you can use a cotton cloth but the best option is a metal cleaning suede. This suede achieves an in-depth cleaning of the blackening, restoring its original shine.

The best way to store the jewellery is in individual bags or boxes to avoid that the different alloys of each piece can react and be damaged like the one we sent you with our Morris York jewel.

In addition, in this way you can also avoid entanglement in the case of necklaces and earrings and then when it comes to undoing the knot, the rings open or the threads fray.

The important thing is that you do not give them light and air so that they do not rust.

Whether gold, silver or jewellery in all of them, humidity reacts. This avoids taking your jewellery to beaches, swimming pools and getting them wet, not even with the steam from the shower.

Perfumes, colognes and cosmetic products contain chemicals and alcohol, which seriously damages jewellery pieces, so it is advisable not to apply this product on the area where you are going to wear the piece to avoid damaging the baths and these are lost before of time. Let the product dry first.

Similarly, never perfume yourself with your costume jewellery on.


The water resistance of Morris York watches is 3ATM. This means that the watch is suitable for daily use and can withstand drops of splashes and rain but must avoid direct contact with water (showering, swimming, diving ...).

Water damage is not covered by the 48-month warranty.

The warranty also does not cover defects and damage due to normal wear and tear.

To see more details about the warranty of the watches, you can check the warranty section.

What material or components are watches and jewellery made of?

Morris York watches are made of stainless steel. The watch's glass is covered in sapphire, enhancing its resistance against bumps and scratches.

The warranty does not cover glass / glass damage.

To see more details about the warranty of the watches, you can consult the warranty and repair section.

All parts of the Morris York watch use a Japanese quartz movement.

Measurement adjustment of MESH type metal straps

Ajuste correas metalicas


Morris York watch straps can be interchanged with each other.

Mesh, Petite, Square and Leather models:

Ajuste correa de cuero


Ajuste correa de nylon

Kribi and Skull models must go to the watch shop to remove or put slaves with the necessary tool.

What does the warranty cover and how long does it last?

Warranty period: two years from the date of purchase. The purchase invoice is the guarantee of your watch. This warranty covers manufacturing defects in the watch (movement, case, glass). Parts other than those named above are not covered by this warranty. For this guarantee to cover the substitutions, use our contact form on the page. Return shipping costs will be borne by Morris York. If Morris York does not find any of the defects described above, the product will be shipped back to the customer.

Please note that repairs / replacements will be charged in the following cases, including during the warranty period.

- Failures or damages caused by improper use or carelessness (knocks, dents, crushing, broken glass, etc.).

- Failures or damages caused by an unjustifiable repair or modification.

- Failure or damage caused by fire or water, or a natural disaster such as an earthquake.

- The aesthetic changes that occur during normal wear and tear and aging (small scratches, etc. on the case and / or glass, alteration of the colour of the strap and peeling of the plating).

- If the purchase invoice is not presented together with the watch.

- The replacement of the battery will be charged even during the warranty period.

The case, dial, hands, glass, strap, or other parts thereof may be replaced by substitutes if the originals are not available.

This warranty ensures that you can receive a free replacement in accordance with the terms set forth herein and within the stated term, and may not restrict any legal rights of the customer.

This guarantee does not cover transportation costs.

Once the warranty expires, repairs will be evaluated and a repair estimate will be issued.

Can I change the delivery address?

If you want to make a change in the delivery address, contact us at info@morrisyorkco.com and we will manage it

In case we cannot make the change in the address because the package has already been sent, we will have to contact our delivery service. Please note that this process may delay delivery time.

What do I do if a defective order arrives?

In case of a defective product, you must contact info@morrisyorkco.com within 14 days of receiving the order and send us an image that clearly shows the damage, and we will try to verify that the product is really faulty.

In case you have to send the product to the warehouse, Morris York will bear the shipping costs. At the same time that it is verified that said product is defective, a refund or exchange will be made to the affected user.

What do I do if an erroneous order arrives?

In case of receiving an order that does not correspond to what you had bought, you must contact info@morrisyorkco.com within 14 days of receiving the order and send us an image showing everything you have received with their respective references on the box and proof of payment and shipping. We will give you a solution once the content is verified.

In case you have to send the product to the warehouse, Morris York will bear the shipping costs. At the same time that it is verified that said order was wrong, the refund or change will be made to the affected user.

The product must not have been used and must be in its original box with the cover and any accompanying label.

Can I make an exchange or a return of my order?

To make exchanges or returns, the product must be sent back to the Morris York returns department. The deadline for any exchange or return is 14 days from receipt of the order. The product must not have been used and must be in its original box with the cover and any accompanying label. The cost of the return will be assumed by the client.

Contact us at info@morrisyorkco.com to receive further instructions on how to make the return.

How long will it take to collect the refund?

Once the package has been returned, it will be reviewed before proceeding with the approval of said return. The product must be shipped within 14 days of receipt of the order, must not have been used and must be in its original box with the cover and any accompanying label or accessory.

If your return is approved, a full refund of the merchandise price (not shipping) will be issued within 7 business days and you will be notified by mail of the transaction. Once the refund is issued, you can wait for it to be effective within 5-10 business days.

What methods of payment can I use?

Credit cards: VISA, MasterCard

Debit cards: VISA, MasterCard


Wire transfer

Why does the bank gateway refuse to pay me?

The reasons why a payment is normally declined are as follows:

  • Insufficient funds. Make sure there are sufficient funds in the account to make the purchase.

  • The credit card was not issued from the country in which it is currently located. Make sure that the credit card you are using is issued from the same country in the same country that you are making the purchase.

  • Your bank is blocking online payment for security reasons. Contact your bank and make sure that the payment is not being blocked.

Is the payment secure?

All transactions are managed directly by our payment service provider, Ecopaynet, with secure encryption and under strict banking regulations.

Your card details are sent directly to the bank and cannot be read nor are they accessible by anyone other than your bank, including Morris York.

Can I apply a discount?

The discount codes we offer are only valid for orders placed on our official website, and are only valid for a limited amount of time.

If you have requested a discount code in the purchase process but it has not been applied, check that the code was in force when you made the purchase. If you have applied a valid code but it has not been effective, write to us at info@morrisyorkco.com.

I have a store, can I be a distributor?

Send us an email with the details of your store, location and what products you offer and our team will contact you to evaluate it.

Can I be a collaborator or ambassador of Morris York?

Send us a collaboration proposal to our email info@morrisyorkco.com , through our Contact form or to our official Instagram @morrisyorkco and colleagues will tell you how to collaborate with us.

Do I want to work at Morris York?

At Morris York we are looking for talented people who want to learn and who like to achieve their goals.

You can send us your CV and cover letter to the email info@morrisyorkco.com and we will take it into account for the selection processes.

Any more questions?

You can contact us using the Contact link in the footer of the web, or send us an email directly info@morrisyorkco.com, we will respond as soon as possible!

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